How Spreadcell works

Spreadcell connects Excelâ„¢ sheets into one cloud-based application. Spreadcell sheets can be used by multiple users at the same time and it is possible to control access rights by users and user groups.

Spreadcell synchronizes spreadsheet data instead of whole Excel files, so it is possible for users to have different Excel files, this means that formatting and customization is not influencing other users. No file locking, conflicted copies and other problems, that are common for file sharing platforms.

Spreadcell working schema

Besides synchronizing data, there are much more, that Spreadcell provides:

  • Change log with filtering and sorting
  • Unique ID-s for all spreadsheet rows
  • Forms with tables and selection controls
  • Counters for unique numbering
  • Excel API for developing Spreadcell based applications

Spreadcell is not an Excelâ„¢ add-on or separate software. Spreadcell is Excel based template with system sheets and VBA code, you can embed in your Excel file or take as base for your new project. Spreadcell VBA code is opened, you can make customization if needed.

As Spreadcell is a powerful development platform for Excel and VBA, it can be used without any VBA coding skill.

To start creating your Spreadcell application, please read the Getting started manual. Spreadcell basic functionality is free, just register with Spreadcell to get started.