Frequently Asked Questions

Is Spreadcell Excel Add-on?

No. Spreadcell is Excel file, that you can take as a template for your project. Also Spreadcell provides updater, that copies Spreadcell code and needed sheets into your existing Excel file.

Does Spreadcell syncronize Excel files?

Spreadcell syncronizes only Excel files content that is defined in settings. Read about it in How Spreadcell works page.

Does macros have to be enabled to use Spreadcell?

Yes. Macros should be enabled, otherwise Spreadcell will not work.

Do I need to have a Visual Basic (VBA) coding skills to use Spreadcell?

As you can use Excel without VBA skills, you can also use Spreadcell without writing single line of VBA code. Of course VBA skills are needed for developing more complex applications.

Can I use Spreadcell for multiple Excel files?

Yes you can. You can create separate Spreadcell project for each file, if you don't need to exchange data between these files. If these files needs to be connected, they can connect to same project.

Do other users in my team also have to have account with Spreadcell?

If they need to change data or get updates, then they have to have Spreadcell account and it has to be linked with project.

Can Spreadcell be used with iOS?

Unfortunately currently no. Excel for Mac doesn't fully support VBA. Soon we hope to release also version for Mac.

Does Spreadcell require internet connection?

You can use Spreadcell offline. In this case changes will be sent to server after you have internet connection again.

Is there change log in Spreadcell?

Yes. In Spreadcell administration panel, you can see change-log. It is possible to filter it by GUIDs, attributes, users etc.

Can I allow users to have access to only specific tables?

Yes. Spreadcell has powerful user rights management options (by access types, tables, columns etc). User access rights can be set in project collaborators page.

For what purpose are the GUIDs used for each row?

Excel own indexing changes due to common usage like inserting rows or sorting tables. To avoid problems caused by this, Spreadcell uses globally unique indexes for each data row.

Can I use formulas in tables?

Formulas can be used in tables, forms and tables on forms. Please read Spreadcell tutorial to see how formulas are handled.

Is it possible to sort tables connected with Spreadcell?

Yes. Spreadcell doesn't forbid sorting and filtering tables. You just have to check, that you are sorting whole table.

What happenes when Excel crashes and file becomes corrupted?

If server syncronization is turned on, then all the changes have been sent to server. You can just take previous copy of your file and after turning on syncronization, you will get all the data changes you made in this file, that got corrupted.

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